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Adventures: have you ever wanted to go Gold Mining in Alaska?

Mac went to Alaska when he was a young man. In fact he turned 24 years old the day he crossed the boarder into Alaska from Canada. He wanted to do some gold mining but he had a wife and three small children and only $37.50 in his pocket so within 30 minutes of arriving in Fairbanks he had a job starting the next day. He spent the next 41 years working and for several of those years supporting a family. He never did get around to Gold Mining! Finally at the age of 63 his days of rearing a family and work were over. He was retired! He finally had the time to look for Gold. He went looking and he found gold in the creeks he was prospecting so he started staking claims. It is a lot of work walking and staking claims and, as it turned out, he wasn’t retired after all - but he was having fun. The sight of gold in a gold pan makes a man, or a woman, dream about tomorrow and living to be a hundred years old and the exercise makes you feel young again. If you are finally retired and want to try your hand at gold mining - or if you’re younger and have the time and money - you could lease or purchase one of those claims from Mac.

You could mine one of   these Gold Claims Click Here

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Adventures: have you ever wanted to go on a Gold Mining Adventure?

I am a little bit more than upset at the loss of this great Gold Mining Adventure - I am mad at the crooks - according to the website, that put their Gold Mining Adventure out of business. The site doesn’t say who or how it was done but it must be true. The site invited everyone to gold mine from 1 day to 1 week at a time or all summer at a gold mining property that had been mined back in early 1900’s, but it is shut down now. You can look at the site and hopefully they could still revive it someday soon I hope. Look at their site - too bad we lost this one

Remote Gold Mining Adventures 1 day to 1 week Click Here -closed for now-! For more Adventures

Click Adventures

Games: what is - most expensive game? California Vacation the Game!

The site says it’s the most expensive, biggest and best game ever made! And, it very well may be! The price ranges from $200.00 to $24,000.00 and up, and include games made out of Pewter or Zinc, Pure .999 fine Silver, 14 k Gold and 24 k Pure Gold. It also says to contact them if you want one in Platinum. The game is Made in the USA and the best quality. From Two players to Ten players may play at the same time and there are Eight Games in One Game. The easiest version takes Four players about 1 ½ hours to play but if you are playing the hardest version it could take up to a year to play a single game - to determine the Winner. Wow, it is fun - I have played it. You will love love love it!

You just have to take a look at this USA quality beautiful game Click Here

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